About Us

Company History

  • Sulfo Technologies, LLC was organized in 1999 to commercialize the process of surface sulfonation of polymers.
  • We have developed a sulfonation process that employs gaseous sulfur trioxide. Our process is environmentally friendly and meets all air and water safety standards.
  • We hold key patents relating to our sulfonation process and sulfonated polymers prepared therefrom.
  • We are the world leader in sulfonating plastic automotive fuel system components to reduce hydrocarbon permeation rates and thus allow auto manufacturers to meet increasingly strict evaporative emission regulations

Who We Are

  • Dwayne Back, Partner and General Manager, BS in chemistry from Ohio Northern University, Graduate studies in chemistry at Wayne State University
  • David A. Clark, Partner, former banker and past President of Guardian Automotive a multi-faceted global automotive supplier. Currently a venture capital investor and investor in various manufacturing companies.
  • Lawrence Gladchun, Partner, former banker, lawyer and co-owner of Luftig& Warren International, a quality consulting firm focused on industrial process improvement and process optimization.
  • H. Samuel Greenawalt, Partner, banker and former Trustee of the University of Pennsylvania. Currently a director of Williams Controls Company and Power Great Lakes, both public companies and various non-public companies.
  • Richard Kaspers, Partner, former President of Key Plastics, an automotive supplier of injected molded small assemblies and current President of Packaging Concepts and Design, a designer and supplier of packaging.
  • Charles Winter, Partner and Director of Technology, Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Minnesota and Associate Chair of the Chemistry Department of Wayne State University.
  • Robert Carpenter, Sales Representative for Plating; former Vice-President of Guardian Automotive; current President of Infinity Molding and Assembly.